Bet on football
with rival fans.

Connect with real fans. Bet real money with each other. And enjoy football on a whole new level.

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It's about time

Bet like you're
at the pub.

When you invite a friends to bet with you on Betolio, they will be notified via push notifications.

Invite your friends

Stop betting on football for digital currency or bragging rights. With Betolio, you can bet on football with your friends using real money.

Play for real money

While using the Betolio mobile app, you can post messages back and forth with your friends right in the bet.

Chat with each other

Because you only bet with real people, no system or company will ever win – only you or your friend.

Someone always wins


Hand picked bets,
just for you.

Check out suggested bets from other users.

Do it your way

Make bets that
make sense.

Bet on your terms, and play with people you actually know.

Bet the best

Choose from top
leagues and clubs.

Allsvenskan, La Liga, Champions League, Premier League and more.

Chat it up

Trash talk allowed.
And encouraged.

Keep the fun going before, during, and after bets with messages.

Be selective

Bet with friends
and fans alike.

Send and accept bets with friends, or check out public offers from other users.

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